Friday, May 18, 2012

Picture of the Day

FINISHED MASTERPIECE:  In Snapseed I tweaked the Sharpness and Structure to give the picture a nice crisp appearance.  Next, I adjusted the Ambience, Saturation, Contrast and Brightness so that the image was bright, colorful and vibrant.  Next, I imported the picture in to Photoshop Express and adjusted the Sharpness again, but slightly, so that the picture did not appear over-edited.  And finally, I took out all of the color via Saturation.  I mention this because Photoshop has an adjustment in which I could just click on an icon and it converts it to Black and White, however this feature makes the picture appear a bit darker and blurrier than I care for - by simply removing all of the color via Saturation, the picture has a much better overall appearance.  I lied, that was not the final step - I had one final step:  I added a tint to the picture.  I love the light bluish green color on this, as it works well with the Italian modeled moped.  If I had used any other tint - red, yellow, blue or purple, the picture would not work as well as it does, but for some reason, bluish green works perfectly on this picture of a moped in the rain.

ORIGINAL:  A nice looking moped caught in a rare rainstorm in Austin.  The setting of a moped casting a reflection in a water puddle was perfect, but what to do with the image - how could I make it look better?  Should I make it bright and colorful, or dark and mysterious?

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